Alert! India's 1st Girls NDA Academy.     Till now 113 selection.    New batches starts from 1st april limited seats only 300.    Best combination for UPSC + SSB.

Life at APS NDA

21 Days at APS NDA Academy ( SSB Interview )

Aspirants are regularly trained for 21 days at SSB coaching. In these 21 days our focus is to teach NDA aspirants from basic methods to professional level.

We start from explaining all the necessary details regarding ssb interview to the students followed by analyzing their speaking skills, physical abilities and the concentration on studies through our periodic tests.

Considering the fact that we have the best NDA Coaching in India we tend to provide availability of a competitive and healthy environment in our campus.

To bring out the best in a student we indulge them in tasks by which we can evaluate and improve their endurance, will power, mental-emotional and academic strenght.

1 Year/ 6 Months in APS NDA Academy (Written Exam Courses)

In total, we offer 11 courses in our institute according to the career goals of the aspirants. Our first priority is given to make a selection of both girls & boys in NDA through our course. Every course has its own time duration & depends on the students learning skills and their response rate. Our courses are designed as per the needs of students by applying teaching methodology which is updated every single year according to the competitive exam. We keep the main focus on training each and every student at the very best level because we know that proper preparation is the only way to crack any competitive exam. Our notes and study material are very valuable and prove to be helpful for students success. One year course & 6 months courses will be provided to students according to their intelligence and abilities.

Discipline and System

> There are so many examples we all know of getting succeeded in life with proper discipline. We strongly believe in and make sure our students lead their life with strict discipline & punctuality. Without discipline, nothing can be achieved & it's the ultimate truth. Our teaching & non-teaching team is highly dedicated to time management to enhance each student’s weaknesses and strengths throughout the day. APS NDA Academy will manage your daily routine and develop your habits right from the time you wake up and until you sleep.

Once you enrol and experience the advantages APS NDA Academy is providing during your stay, it is guaranteed to feel satisfied with the decision you made by choosing the finest institute among all.

APS NDA Academy’s organisation has such a well-managed system that if you learn and perform well according to the institute's expectations your dream can surely come true in one go.

MKC Hostel Pvt. Ltd. has a rich legacy of Academic Excellence and responsible community life. Our Academy provides affordable accommodation to out-station students which is like a home away from home. As students who have come from far areas do need a home-like atmosphere in order to continue their comfortable studies. Their day to day life must be in the alignment of their studies.

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