Alert! India's 1st Girls NDA Academy.     Till now 113 selection.    New batches starts from 1st april limited seats only 300.    Best combination for UPSC + SSB.

Indian Air-Force

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Important Information for Student

PostAgeHeightWeightTotal Question
X' Group (Tech. Trade)17-21152.5 Cm.Minimum 45 Kg70 (60 Minute)
Y' Group (Non-Tech. Trade)17-21152.5 Cm.Minimum 45 Kg50 (40 Minute)
Both 'X' & 'Y' Group17-21152.5 Cm.Minimum 45 Kg100 (85 Minute)

Exam Syllabus

Subject"X" Group (Tech. Trade)"Y" Group (Non-Tech. Trade)Both 'X' & 'Y' Group
G.K./G.S. = 10-12
MATHS/RES. = 18-20

Medical Standards

TradesColour VisionVisual AcuityMaximum limits of Ref ErrorLeg Length
Workshop Fitter(Mechanical), Workshop Fitter (Smith), Structure Fitter, Propulsion Fitter, Weapon Fitter, Electrical Fitter, Electronic Fitter, *Mechanical System Fitter and *Automobile FitterCP-II6/12 each eye correctable to 6/6 each eye.Hypermetropia + 2.0 D Myopia 1D including ±0.50 Astigmatism.*Minimum leg length required 99 cms for Mechanical System Fitter and Automobile Fitter

Physical Standards

All candidates who pass the written test are to undergo Physical Fitness Test (PFT) on the same or the next day.PFT consists of a 1.6 Km run to be completed within 8 minutes. Candidates completing the PFT in less than 7 minutes 30 seconds will be awarded additional marks on a sliding scale.Candidates are advised to bring their sports shoes and shorts.

Education Ability

'X' Group के लिए 10+2 (PCM) की योग्यता आवश्यक।

'Y' Group के लिए 10+2 (Arts / Commerce / Science) की योग्यता आवश्यक।

Recruitment Process

PET में Super Excellent को 3 अंक अतिरिक्त दिये जाते है।
लिखित परीक्षा, शारीरिक दक्षता और चिकित्सा परीक्षा 2 से 3 दिन में पूर्ण हो जाती है।

लगभग लिखित परीक्षा के अंको के आधार पर विद्यार्थियों का ऑल इंडिया मैरिट में चयन होता है।

Eligibility Criteria For Indian Forces

QualificationEligible ForWingsHeight (c.m.)Weight (kg.)Age (Yrs.)
10th/12th   (50%)
Soldier General DutyArmy1705017½-21
10thRaj. Pol (Const.)SSC(GD)Police/Paramilitary1705018-23 + 3/5
10+2 PassDel. Pol./SSC (Tech.)Police/Paramilitary1705018-23 + 3/5
10+2     (50%)
(Sci/Com/Arts) (50%)
Group 'Y'Air-Force165-1754817-22
Soldier (Clerk/Store)Army1624817½-21
10+2 (PCM)  (50%)
Group X,YAir-Force152.54817-22
Soldier (Tech.)Army1705017½-23
10+2 Appeared/PassNDAArmy/Air-Force/Navy1654816-18
10+2     (50%)
Science (PCB)
Soldier Nursing
Assistant (AMC)
M.A./M.Sc./B.A./B.Sc.Education HavildarArmy1705020-25
Direct Diploma (60%)
B.Tech Entry  (60%)
Commission OfficerAir-Force,Navy,Army1684817-22